How to Convert an array of JSON documents to a CSV string

After trying to search around for a quick and easy way to convert JSON data into a CSV, I came up empty handed. So I started working on a solution: DataStorm. That’s all it does. Import the sources JSON file or files.Secelt and click the CSV button it then spits out a CSV with your data.

Warm tip: CSVs can also be opened in Excel which you can then save as a xls or xlsx file.

Why we choose DataStorm to do this?

DataStorm is an easy to use Powerful assistant can convert the data format from/to PLIST, YML(YAML), XML, CSV, JSON, INI, PROPERTIES.Such as the sales date is in XML or JSON format, and you want to get that data in CSV for further analysis, you just need convert with DataStorm within few seconds.If you are a JAVA programmer, you need to convert your JSON into PROPERTIES, or XML to PROPERTIES, DataStorm can be done simply for you no matter how much data you had, because batch conversion is supported in DataStorm. If you want to convert your JSON, CSV, XML files to INI for Windows, Data storm would be the best assistant for you.

Key Features:

  • Convert multiple files at once
  • Convert any size file(somne website tools only converts up to 50MB)
  • Free support

This article aimed to show you how to convert an array of JSON documents to a CSV string.

follow the step guide and begin your JSON to CSV conversion:

Step 1: Add JSON file or files to the Program

Just click import filse and locate the file or files on your hard drive that you want to convert.

Step 2: click Settings and click Output directory, and Save it.

Step 3: Choose a CSV Format and click save.

Then it begin to convert JSON files or files to the target CSV format with a few seconds, the conversion finished. And then you can get the converted CSV file or files.


ONLY $50 for lifelong version.