How to convert XML file into Properties file?

In this article, we show you how to convert XML file into Properties file. See following XML file :




    <entry key="seven-eight">load the original file or files</entry>

    <entry key="five-six">Settings and click Output directory</entry>

    <entry key="nine-ten">Choose a Properties Format</entry>

    <entry key="three-four">Start Conversion</entry>

    <entry key="one-two">Finished</entry>

In this example, we show you how to use DataStorm to load above XML file into a properties object, it provided on Windows, Mac and Liunx platform.

Step 1: Add xml file or files to the Program

Just click import filse and locate the file or files on your hard drive that you want to convert.

Step 2: click Settings and click Output directory, and Save it.

Step 3: Choose a Properties Format and click save.

Then it begin to convert XML to Properties, with a few seconds, the conversion finished. And then you can get the converted Properties file or files.
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