What can DataStorm do on Date Converting

Data Conversion, as the name implies, deals with changes required to move or convert data from one physical environment format to that of another, like moving data from one electronic medium or database product onto another format.

Every day, data is being shared from one computer to another. This is a very common activity especially in data warehouses where database severs gather, extract, transform and load data from different sources at every moment. Since these data gathered and shared from different computers which may have different hardware and software platforms, there should be a mechanism in dealing with data so that each computer server receiving them can understand what information the data contains.

Data conversion can be difficult and painstaking process. While it may be easy for a computer to discard information, it is difficult to add information. And adding information is not just simply padding bits but sometimes is would involve human judgment. Upsampling, the process of converting data to make it more feature rich, is not about adding data. It is about making room for addition, a process which also needs human judgement.

To illustrate, Data conversion can occur directly from one format to another, with developer tool DataStorm can convert between multiple formats use a pivotal encoding by way of which any source format is converted to its target.

Ia a word, DataStorm allows developers (and regular humans) to convert popular data formats such as JSON, CSV, PLIST, INI, the .properties, XML and YAML to each other.

For example, DataStorm is possible to convert JSON files to Windows INI fiels using a lookup table between the two encodings. This is a more manageable approach; rather than needing lookup tables for all possible pairs of character encodings, DataStorm needs only one lookup table for each character set, which it uses to convert to and from Unicode, thereby scaling the number of tables down from hundreds to a few tens.

With DataStorm, you even don’t need to know the workings of both source and target format when converting data. If the format specifications are unknown, reverse engineering can be applied to carry out any conversion as this can attain close approximation of the original specification although there is no assurance that there can be no error or inconsistency. In any case, this applications can detect errors so appropriate actions can be done.

DataStorm Features:
  • Convert between JSON, XML, CSV, PLIST,.properties(java) and YML (YAML) , from one format to another.
  • Multi-language support ( Translate by TryToTranslate).
  • Batch conversion.
Data Format Plist Json Xml Ini Csv YML(YAML) Properties

Wonderful things people are saying about DataStorm

“DataStorm is stunning. Simple. Clean. Perfect. Well done.” 

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“DataStorm is what I do pretty much all of my working. It’s a great little app.”

                                                                               Jesse, PHP Framework Designer

“If you have any interest in barcode, DataStorm is definitely worth a download.”

                                                                               Glen, Web Developer and Designer

“I really like DataStorm, has brought much convenience for my work.”

                                                                               Caspar, JAVA Framework Developer

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